Business Consultant Services

Advice and recommendations from highly qualified professionals

I have strategic contacts with highly qualified professionals in the legal, financial services, all types of finance lending sectors to assist your every need. They keep me “in the loop” as to the advice/recommendations they give you. This ensures that you are looked after holistically.

Both Craig and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the years (nearing 10 I think) of wonderful service you have provided to us. It’s this type of service that helps small businesses to growth safely and confidently. Personally we both have enjoyed your great sense of humour and kindness. We wish you all the best in the coming years. 
Both Craig

You surprise me at how efficient you are in completing my tax return and getting it back to me. Thank you for your suggestions.

Thank you for your continued excellent service.


Due to sheer hard work and prompt co-operation from my clients, I have been chosen and accredited by the Australian Taxation Office(“ATO”) as one of the top 10% of tax practitioners Australia-wide to receive a Lodgement Certificate of Excellence four (4) years in a row! This means that the ATO has acknowledged my high standard of assisting clients meet their tax compliance and reporting obligations in a timely manner.

Late/overdue income tax returns?
Fear not.
I will bring you right up-to-date. Stress free!