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Person “M” Success Story

Person “M” Success Story

An existing client referred his partner (“M”) to me for tax services. M had been in a horrific car accident some time ago with severe brain damage and then on top of that she had cancer. Due to these factors and others, M had not lodge her personal income tax returns for nearly ten (10) years! My client and M were very, very worried that the Taxation Office would issue her with a Summons plus fines and penalties.

I had a look at the situation and their desperation and said………” Yep, it can be resolved”. I logged her in as my client with the Taxation Office and told them that from now, this issue is on my shoulders and not theirs. The delight in their eyes was something to behold.

They followed my instructions as to what documents they needed to gather and I put a time limit. They worked hard to get as much as they could locate and methodically I perused and isolated all data/information in separate years and began the work. Yes, it was difficult but M knew that the Taxation Office would keep away knowing that her personal income tax returns were in the process of all being completed.

All M’s outstanding personal income tax returns were prepared and duly lodged bringing her right up-to-date resulting in a cumulative income tax refund of nearly$10000.00!!

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